The 2013 Heart-Cry Conference Media Archive

The plenary sessions of the 2013 Heart-Cry for Revival Conference are available on CD/DVD and can be ordered by calling 269-697-6124. MP3 audio downloads are available for purchase from the Sammy Tippit Ministries Store. MP4 video downloads are no longer available. Please request a video DVD by calling 269-697-6124

Monday, April 22  
Session 1: The American Vine Richard Owen Roberts
Session 2: No Record of Wrong Michael Catt
Tuesday, April 23  
Session 3: Prayer, The Church, Dave Butts
       and the Next Great Awakening  
Session 4: A Vision God Can Bless Byron Paulus
Session 5: Get Ready Kyle Lance Martin
Wednesday, April 24  
Session 6: Panel Discussion Sammy Tippit (emcee)
Session 7: A Broken Heart and Contrite Spirit Sammy Tippit
Thursday, April 25  
Session 8: Lord, I Agree Richard Owen Roberts